MANOJ KRISHNA ENGINEERING is a manufacturer, and service provider of high quality power transformer bodies and distribution transformer bodies.The company has gone from strength to strength ans become one of the most prominent entities in its arena. A professionally run organization.
MANOJ KRISHNA ENGINEERING is committed to providing the customers with the quality products.
MANOJ KRISHNA ENGINEERING offers Transformer Bodies for:
Distribution Transformers up to 2000KVA, 33KV voltage class
Power Transformers up to 10,000KVA 230KV Rating 100 MVA
Potential Transformer up to 33 KV
Special purpose Transformers
Dry Type Transformers
Earthing Transformers
Auto Transformers
Furnace Transformers
Converter Transformers
ESp Transformers
Scott / Extended Delta Transformers
Open Delta Transformers
Single Phase / Three Phase Transformers (5 KVA to 25 KVA)